Effective Paging Strategy based on Location Probability of Mobile Station and Paging Load Distribution of Base Station in Mobile Communication Networks

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When the cells in a location area are sequentially paged based on specific information, such as the last registered area or a mobile speed, the paging load may be non-uniformly distributed among the cells. This non-uniform paging traffic causes an additional paging delay due to the increased waiting time in cells that have a high paging load. In this paper, we introduce a new paging strategy in which the paging sequence in a location area is optimized according to both the location probability of a mobile terminal and the paging load distribution among the cells. In addition, we propose a simple polynomial-time heuristic algorithm to determine sub-optimal paging sequence. Numerical results show that our proposed strategy has almost an equivalent optimal performance and outperforms the conventional paging scheme with respect to a paging delay.

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