Performance comparison of Bluetooth scatternet formation protocols for multi-hop networks

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The interest in Bluetooth technology has stimulated much research in algorithms for topology creation and control of networks comprised of large numbers of Bluetooth devices. In particular, the issue of scatternet formation has been addressed by researchers in a number of papers in the technical literature. This paper is an extension of the work presented in [14, 15]. In this paper we present a complete description of what we believe to be a promising scatternet formation protocol – BlueNet, which was first proposed in [15]. Some modifications and enhancements are made to improve the connectivity of resulting scatternets. The metrics are chosen to evaluate the performance of resulting scatternets, such as the reliability, the routing efficiency, the piconet density, and the information carrying capacity. Based on the chosen metrics, performance is then compared among the scatternet samples generated by BlueNet and other two representative multi-hop scatternet formation protocols, i.e., BlueTrees [16] and LSBS [1]. Finally in the conclusion a discussion is presented on the compared scatternet formation protocols.

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