Interference in Mobile Wireless Systems
Deorthogonalization of ODS-CDMA QPSK by AM/PM Nonlinearity
Ds Signal Data Detection Using Matched Filter with Median Filter and with Transversal Filter in CW Jamming
Co-Channel Interference in Cellular Mobile Radio Systems with Coded PSK and Diversity*
Blind Adaptive Suppression of Narrowband Digital Interferers from Spread Spectrum Signals*
Analysis of an Approximate Decorrelating Detector*
Linear Differentially Coherent Multiuser Detection for Multipath Channels*
Performance Comparison of Multiuser Detectors with Channel Estimation for Flat Rayleigh Fading CDMA Channels
A Sequential Algorithm for Joint Parameter Estimation and Multiuser Detection in DS/CDMA Systems with Multipath Propagation
Blind Multiuser Detection with Array Observations
On the Capacity Enhancement of a Cellular CDMA Channel with Asymmetrical Bandwidth Allocation