Effect of Time Diversity on the Forward Link of the DS-CDMA Cellular System
Performance of a CDMA System with an Adaptive Receiver and a New Family of Complex Valued Spreading Sequences
Minimum Duration Outage for CDMA Cellular Systems
Adaptive Antennas for Microcellular and Mixed Cell Environments with DS-CDMA
Parallel Interference Cancellation in Multiuser CDMA Channel Estimation*
Throughput Analysis of a Decentralized RLAN Based on Asynchronous DS/CDMA Using Random Periodic Spreading Sequences
Commutation Signaling to Combat ISI over Nakagami and Ricean Fading
The Performance of Space-Time Processing for Suppressing Narrowband Interference in CDMA Communications
Low-Complexity Performance Evaluation of Binary and Quaternary DS-SSMA over Rician Fading Channels via the Characteristic Function Method
Downlink Design for a Wideband DS-CDMA Demonstrator
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