Future Strategy for the New Millennium Wireless World
Future Directions for Mobile Communications Business, Technology and Research
The Future Generations of Mobile Communications Based on Broadband Access Methods
Development of Mobile Communications Systems Beyond Third Generation
Future Mobile Communications Systems in Japan
High-Speed Downlink Access in 3G Systems
IPv6 for Future Wireless Networks
Overview on Technical Issues for Future Mobile Network and a Proposal of DLC Scheme in Wireless Link
Convergence of Broadcast and New Telecom Networks
Integration of Terrestrial and Satellite Networks
New Challenges for Integrated Circuit Solutions
Role of Antennas and Propagation for the Wireless Systems Beyond 2000
The Photonic Technologies Impact on the Next Generation Network
Multitier Wireless Communications*
Applications of the Future Communications
Applications Are the Drivers in the Mobile Information Society
Applications of Wireless Communication Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
Research Challenges for 3G and Paving the Way for Emerging New Generations
Author Index Vol. 17 (2001)
Contents of Vol. 17 (2001)