Heterogeneous Networks to Support User Needs with Major Challenges for New Wideband Access Systems
Wireless Access Method to Ensure Each User's QoS in Unpredictable and Various QoS Requirements
Wireless User Perspectives in the United States
Wireless User Perspectives in Europe
From Personal Area Networks to Personal Networks
User Needs for Services in UMTS*
Displays for Mobile Communications Enabling New Markets and Applications
Security in Wireless Communication
Security and Authentication in the Mobile World
Authentication Services in Mobile Networks
Impact of Security/AAA on Intelligent Transport Systems
Introduction to Mobile Internet Technical Architecture
Wireless IP and Its Challenges for the Heterogeneous Environment
Wireless Landscape — Need for Seamless Connectivity
Architectures for Heterogeneous Multi-Tier Networks*
UWB Transmission and MIMO Antenna Systems for Nomadic Users and Mobile PANs
Technology Challenges in the Development of Wireless Personal Area Networks
A Lesson on Unpredictable Future