Transceiver Front-End Technology for Software Radio Implementation of Wideband Satellite Communication Systems
DSP-Based Satellite CDMA Modem
Introducing the Adaptive-QoS Idea into Multi-Tier UMTS Systems
Outage Perforformance of Power Controlled DS-CDMA Wireless Systems with Heterogeneous Traffic Sources*
QoS Handover Management in LEO/MEO Satellite Systems
Performance Characterization of Wireless Multimedia through Heterogeneous Terrestrial-Satellite Network*
IP Based User Mobility in Heterogeneous Wireless Satellite-Terrestrial Networks
Layered Video and Differentiated Coding for Adaptive QoS in Mixed Wired-Satellite Networks
Perspectives of QoS Management Based on QoAS for 3G Communication Systems
Performance of Hybrid ARQ Schemes for the Mobile LEO Satellite Channel*
Integration of a HAP within a Terrestrial UMTS Network
Scalable, Hybrid Optical-RF Wireless Communication System for Broadband and Multimedia Service to Fixed and Mobile Users
Preliminary Flight Test Program on Telecom and Broadcasting Using High Altitude Platform Stations