Special Issue on “Unified Global Infrastructure”
Multi-Access in Future Generations
Towards a Mobile Multimedia Age – Location-Based Services
Research on Mobile Communications in Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Frequency Ranges at CRL
The Content Driven Mobile Internet
Research Issues in Ad-Hoc Distributed Personal Networking
A Global Access Independent Billing Model
Internetworking between HIPERLAN/2 and UMTS
Application of Information Theory to the Design of 4th Generation Cellular Communication Systems
Algorithms for Wireless Communication Systems
Measurement Data-Based Link-Level and System-Level Simulations for Single Carrier SC/MMSE MIMO Turbo Equalization Technique
Enhanced Multi-Antenna Technologies on OFDM for Future Mobile Communication Systems
Performance Evaluation of Multiple Transmit Antenna Non-Coherent Detection Schemes in Fast Fading Channels
Future Perspectives of the Unified Global Infrastructure
Wireless Personal Communications special issue on Cellular and Wireless Location Based Technologies and Services
Wireless Personal Communications special issue on Security for Next Generation Communications