Editorial Note
A Real-Time Monitoring and Intelligent Decisions-Making Platform for Enhanced Radio Resource Management in Wireless Cellular Systems
Cellular Network Performance Analysis
Evaluation of Interoperability Criteria and Mechanisms for Seamless Inter-Working Between UMTS-HSDPA and WLAN Networks Enhanced with MIMO Techniques
Transparent Antenna Solutions for Adaptive Coverage Systems
Designing and Implementing an Open Infrastructure for Location-Based, Tourism-Related Content Delivery
Location- and Service-Aware Downlink Transmission Power Allocation in WCDMA-Based Cellular Networks
Database Correlation Method with Error Correction for Emergency Location
Location-Aided Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Location-Aided Planning in Mobile Network—Trial Results
An Integrated Approach for the Estimation of Mobile Subscriber Geolocation
Brokering Positioning Data From Heterogeneous Infrastructures
An OSA/Parlay-Based Middleware Architecture for Location-Based Services
Tuning of Empirical Radio Propagation Models Effect of Location Accuracy