Special Issue on “High Altitude Platform (HAP) Systems: Technologies and Applications”
The Role of HAPs in Supporting Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services in Terrestrial-Satellite Integrated Systems
High Altitude Platform mm-Wave Aperture Antenna Steering Solutions
The Development of Intelligent Beamforming Antenna Systems for Stratospheric Platforms in the Millimeter-Wave Band
Interference Environment Between High Altitude Platform Networks (HAPN), Geostationary (GEO) Satellite and Wireless Terrestrial Systems
Performance of Multiple High Altitude Platforms using Directive HAP and User Antennas
Adaptive Coding and Modulation for Mobile Wireless Access Via High Altitude Platforms
Performance of CDMA/PRMA as an Access Technique for Integrated Services in a UMTS High Altitude Platform System
Enhancing Transport Layer Capability in HAPS-Satellite Integrated Architecture