Guest Editorial
A Relay-Based MAC Protocol for Multi-Rate and Multi-Range Infrastructure Wireless LANs
Delay Performance Analysis and Evaluation of IEEE 802.11e EDCA in Finite Load Conditions
A Centralized MAC Protocol for QoS Support in UWB-Based Wireless Networks
Design and Evaluation of a QoS-aware Framework for HIPERLAN/2 Networks
Sequence Number Aided Source Routing for Ad-Hoc Networks
Providing Throughput Guarantees in 802.11e WLAN Through a Dynamic Priority Assignment Mechanism
Radio Resource Management with Utility and Pricing for Wireless LAN Hot-Spots
Adaptive Delay and Synchronization Control for Wi-Fi Based Mobile AV Conferencing
Energy-Efficient Operation through Interference Avoidance for Interconnected Bluetooth WPANs
Energy Efficiency of Error Control for High Data Rate WPAN
A Study of Shadowing on Indoor Visible-Light Wireless Communication Utilizing Plural White LED Lightings