Special Issue on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications
Pre-equalization Techniques for Downlink and Uplink TDD MC-CDMA Systems
Channel Capacity of TDD-OFDM-MIMO for Multiple Access Points in a Wireless Single-Frequency-Network
Effect of Antenna Beam Pattern and Layout on Cellular Performance in High Altitude Platform Communications
Context-Based Network and Application Management on Seamless Networking Platform
An Integrated Medium Access Control and Traffic Management Architecture for DVB-RCS SkyplexNet Satellite Systems
On Blocking Probability of Multi-Beam CDMA Systems Using SBF Array Antennas
A Virtual MAC Address Scheme for Mobile Ethernet
A Session Layer Concept for Overlay Networks
A Performance Comparison of Different FEC System Architectures for ATM over Wireless Multi-Carrier Modulation
Connectivity Probability of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
A New Space-Time Multiple Trellis Coded Modulation Scheme Using Transmit Symbol Phase Rotation
Alamouti-Based Space-Frequency Coding for OFDM
Traffic Analysis and Video Quality Evaluation of Multiple Description Coded Video Services for Fourth Generation Wireless IP Networks
A Data-Aided Symbol Timing and Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm for OFDM Systems
Adaptive MLSE Equalizer with Per-Survivor QR Decomposition for Trellis-Coded MIMO Transmission