Special Issue on „Increasing Efficiency in Broadband Fixed Wireless Access Systems≔ From Physical to Network Layer Solutions“
DSP Implementation of Antenna Array Algorithms for OFDM-Based Wireless LAN
A Baseband Demonstrator Using Multi Antenna Techniques to Improve Capacity of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access
MIMO Channel Characterization for Short Range Fixed Wireless Propagation Environments
MAC Layer Concepts to Support Space Division Multiple Access in OFDM based IEEE 802.16
Interference Mitigation on WLANs Using Smart Antennas
A Joint MAC-PHY Approach for Medium Access Control in VBR MC-CDMA Broadband Indoor Connections
Novel Channel and Polarization Assignment Schemes for 2-11 GHz Fixed-Broadband Wireless Access Networks
An Integrated AP for Seamless Interworking of Existing WMAN and WLAN Standards