Special Issue on “Future Convergence of Wired and Wireless Networks” (Selected Topics from the Strategic Workshop 2005)
The Future - Vision and Challenges (Seen from a Cellular Operator's Perspective)
The Lean Approach
Block-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing in Multi-Path Fading Channel
Market and Technology Drivers for Cellular Infrastructure Modem Development
On Fixed-Mobile Network Convergence
Towards Mobile Ubiquitous Service Environment
Next Generation of Wired and Wireless Networks
Future Networks and User Requirements - A Techno-Economic Analysis*
Towards Viable Personal Networks and FedNets -- a Value-Web Perspective
Wireless Future Based on Fiber
Virtual Private Ad Hoc Networking
Strategic Steps to be Taken for Future Mobile and Wireless Communications
Strategic Vision on Convergence of Wired and Wireless Networks