Special Issue on Seamless Handover in Next Generation Wireless/Mobile Networks
Moving toward seamless mobility
A quality-of-service signaling architecture for seamless handover support in next generation, IP-based mobile networks
Seamless proactive handover across heterogeneous access networks
Call admission and handoff control in multi-tier cellular networks
An improved handover algorithm based on signal strength plus distance for interoperability in mobile cellular networks
A flexible UMTS/WLAN architecture for improved network performance
BSS transition optimizations and analysis for VoIP over WLAN
Seamless handover support over heterogeneous networks using FMIPv6 with definitive L2 triggers
Survivability evaluation of SIGMA and mobile IP
Multicasting with selective delivery
Network controlled handovers
Hierarchical mobile network binding scheme for route optimization in NEMO
A novel scheme for mobility management in heterogeneous wireless networks
Architecture and testbed implementation of vertical handovers based on SIP session border controllers
A seamless context-aware architecture for fourth generation wireless networks