Special Issue
Effect of Carrier Frequency Offset on the Channel Capacity in Multiuser OFDM-FDMA Systems
D-STAR MAC Protocol
Adapting the Ranging Algorithm to the Positioning Technique in UWB Sensor Networks
Coding Schemes for Crisscross Error Patterns
Adaptive Bit Loading and Transmit Diversity for Iterative OFDM Receivers
Performances of the H-ARQ Adaptive-QAM Transmissions over Multipath Channels
High Spectral Efficient and Flexible Next Generation Mobile Communications
On the MIMO Channel Capacity Predicted by Kronecker and Müller Models
Methods for Compression of Feedback in Adaptive Multi-carrier 4G Schemes
Robust Transmission Over Fast Fading Channels on the Basis of OFDM-MFSK
Uplink Channel Estimation for Multi-user OFDM-based Systems
Evaluation of Performance Improvement Capabilities of PAPR-reducing Methods
Multi-user Detection of Nonlinearly Distorted MC-CDMA Symbols by Microstatistic Filtering