Guest Editorial
Cross-Layer Analysis of Joint Rate and Power Adaptation in Nakagami Fading Channels with Multiple-User Contention
Cross-Layer Antenna Beamforming and Power Control in Wireless Uplinks
Cross-Layer, Energy-Efficient Design for Supporting Continuous Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks
A Cross Layer Routing Protocol for Multihop Cellular Networks
TCP-Aware Call Admission Control in High Altitude Platforms Using Cross-Layer Design
A Cross-layer Dual Queue Approach for Improving TCP Fairness in Infrastructure WLANs
Dynamic Session Control Over IMS for Cross-Layer Optimization of Multi-Stream Video
Comparison of Conventional and Cross-Layer Multimedia Transport Schemes for Wireless Networks
Cross Layer QoS Guarantees in Multiuser WLAN Systems
Cross-Layer QoS Scheduling for Layered Multicast Streaming in OFDMA Wireless Networks
Cross-Layer Design for QoS in Wireless Mesh Networks
Cross-layer Scheduling Algorithms for IEEE 802.16 Based Wireless Mesh Networks
Performance Optimization with Efficient Polling Mechanism in IEEE 802.16 Networks with Cross-Layer Consideration