Investigation of Crosstalk and Coupling Effects of Incident Plane Waves in Orthogonal Microstrips in High-Speed Integrated Circuits Using Full-Wave and Quasi-Static Methods
Investigation and Modeling of the UWB On-Body Propagation Channel
Quantization Error Reduction for the Phased Array with 2-bit Phase Shifter
Proposal and Design of a Slim Electronically Steerable Parasitic Array Radiator Antenna in the 2.4-GHz Band
An Exact Solution for the Level-Crossing Rate of Shadow Fading Processes Modelled by Using the Sum-of-Sinusoids Principle
Impact of Mutual Coupling on Adaptive Switching Between MIMO Transmission Strategies and Antenna Configurations
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Joint Estimation of the Timing and Frequency Offset for Uplink OFDMA
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Measurement Survey on the Antenna Configuration Impact on the Spectral Efficiency of MIMO Radio Channels
Comparison of Partial CSI Encoding Methods in Multi-User MIMO Systems
Designs of Differential Space-Time and Space-Frequency Coded OFDM Schemes
Opportunistic Scheduling in Multiuser OFDM Systems with Clustered Feedback
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Cooperation of Network and Service Layer in Mobile Ad hoc Networks