Isolation and PCR detection of Enterobacter sakazakii in South African food products, specifically infant formula milks

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Enterobactersakazakii has recently been identified as an opportunistic pathogen. The current culture-dependent detection methods for these bacteria are time-consuming and in this study a PCR method for the detection of E. sakazakii in South African food products, including an internal amplification control (IAC) was developed. DNA was isolated and amplified from the products and they were plated on selective growth media after pre-enrichment and enrichment in Enterobacteriaceae enrichment broth. Four of the 22 products tested positive for the presence of E. sakazakii, confirmed by PCR detection and growth on selective media. The PCR method proved effective in detecting E. sakazakii in South African products after three days and could serve as an alternative for traditional microbiological techniques.

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