Proteolytic breakdown of gliadin by Enterococcus faecalis isolated from Tunisian fermented dough

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The aim of this work was to select strains with proteolytic activity on wheat gliadin, among lactic acid bacteria, previously isolated from Tunisian fermented wheat dough. Hydrolysis of gliadin, as sole nitrogen source, in an agar medium was visualized by a clear zone surrounding colonies. The increase in absorbance due to gliadin breakdown was measured spectrophotometrically using O-phthaldialdehyde (OPA) on Gliadin Glucose Broth medium. Fermented liquid dough inoculated with individual selected Enterococcus faecalis, showed a decrease of the gliadin concentration from 45 g/kg to 18 g/kg determined by sandwich ELISA test (R-7001). Only the enterococci strains show an hydrolysis of gliadin proteins. Strains showing proteolytic activity are gaining more and more importance in cereal based fermented foods and may help to reduce gliadin involved in coeliac disease.

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