Psychometric Properties of the Resourcefulness Scale Among Caregivers of Persons With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Caregiving for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be very costly to caregivers’ well-being. Resourcefulness interventions have shown increases in positive health outcomes. However, before delivering the intervention, there should be a reliable and a valid measure to test resourcefulness. The psychometric properties of the Resourcefulness Scale (RS) have not been examined among ASD caregivers. This study examined the psychometrics of the 28-item RS in a convenience sample of 204 ASD caregivers. A Cronbach's alpha of .91 showed the internal consistency of the RS. Construct validity was supported by the emergence of two dimensions of resourcefulness (personal and social) in a confirmatory factor analysis and by substantial intercorrelations between the two subscales (r = .48, p < .001). Findings suggested the reliability and validity of RS among ASD caregivers, which is a necessary step toward implementing resourcefulness interventions to help ASD caregivers to deal with their stress and improve their quality of life.

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