Nursing Staffing and Quality of Life in Western New York Nursing Homes

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This study investigated the relationship between nurse staffing and quality of life (QOL) in Western New York State nursing homes. This was a cross-sectional, correlational study. The independent variables were hours per resident day (HPRD), skill mix, and turnover rate of nursing staff. The outcomes were measured using the self-reported QOL instrument. No coefficients were statistically significant with registered nurses’ (RNs) HPRD. Certified nursing assistant (CNA) HPRD had a statistically significant positive impact on the spiritual well-being domain. There was a statistically negative relationship between the amount of licensed practical nurse (LPN) HPRD and food enjoyment; and the ratio of more RNs to fewer LPNs and CNAs had a statistically significant negative influence on the meaningful-activity, food-enjoyment, and security domains. The turnover of RNs had a statistically negative relationship with the sum of each domain. None of the coefficients was statistically significant with LPN turnover.

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