Cardboard Tube Technique for Ostomy Wafer Placement and Management of Peristomal Skin With Persistent Output

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Managing a stoma with persistent output presents challenges for both the WOC nurse and the patient. Traditional approaches are not always effective. Presenting a new and different way to assist people with pouching in such circumstances or when they have dexterity or visual problems, increases the options at our disposal and may improve the quality of life for those able to use this technique.


The study of a 72-year-old man experiencing difficulties managing his ileostomy due to persistent output and a new onset of tremors is described. The cardboard tube technique provided a simple, cost-effective method of applying an ostomy pouch and treating peristomal skin breakdown in the presence of persistent output from the ostomy.


Use of a simple cardboard tube was effective in maintaining this patient's independence in care.

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