Calcinosis Cutis: WOC Nurse Management

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Calcinosis cutis is characterized by deposition of calcium in the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue. This condition may be initially identified by the WOC nurse, and its management requires a team approach. Calcinosis cutis is a debilitating and painful condition; it is difficult to manage, and widely agreed-upon standards for treatment have not been established.


Two patients who presented with calcium deposits in the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue are discussed. The first was initially misdiagnosed as venous ulcerations; the second presented with a confirmed diagnoses of calcinosis cutis, Raynaud's disease, and scleroderma.


Despite the lack of a standardized approach to treatment of calcinosis cutis, successful management of these patients was achieved by adhering to evidence-based wound-healing principles: (1) find and treat the underlying cause, (2) support the host, and (3) adhere to moist wound-healing principles.

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