Phlebotonic and compression stocking therapy in venous edema management: an overview of recent advances with a focus on Cyclo 3 Fort® and progressive compression stockings

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Venous edema of the limb presents several challenges to clinicians, particularly with regard to its definition, pathophysiology and measurement, as well as those relating to its management. Compression therapy forms the cornerstone of standard care for thromboprophylaxis and management of lower limb venous and lymphatic disorders. Venoactive drugs, of plant or synthetic origin, have also been shown to be effective and safe in the management of venous edema and/or chronic venous disease-related symptoms. This article, based on a symposium held at the XXV World Congress of the International Union of Angiology on 2–5 July 2012 (Prague, Czech Republic), provides an overview of some of the recent developments in the use of phlebotonic and compression therapy in the management of patients with lower limb venous edema, with a focus on Cyclo 3 Fort® and progressive compression stockings.

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