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Bone Loss in Perimenopausal Women with Diabetes Mellitus and Peripheral Neuropathy
Strength Training Adaptations in Elderly Women Versus Men Following Hip Fracture
Effect of Conservative Physical Therapy Management Status Post Cesarean Section
Reliability of Posture Measurements Taken With Photo Analysis
Effects of Estrogen Replacement on Voluntary Aerobic Exercise and Body Weight in an Animal Model of Menopause
The Effect of Exercise on the Second Stage of Labor in Nulliparous Women
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Evaluation of Pelvic Floor Muscle Function Using Intravaginal Electromyography
Physician Referral to Physical Therapy Services in Puerto Rico of Women Who Have Had a Mastectomy Secondary to Breast Cancer
Experiences With an Early Pregnancy Educational Program
Examination of the Relationship Between Breast Size and Postural Alignment in Young Adult Women
Urinary Markers of Bone Resorption Can Help Individualize management of Low Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in Premenopausal and Early Postmenopausal Women
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The Effect of Fluid Intake on Urinary Symptoms in Women.
Recognition and Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Among Women With Chronic Pelvic Pain.
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Learning Outcomes of a Group Behavioral Modification Program to Prevent Urinary Incontinence.
A Comparison of Urinary and Sexual Outcomes in Women Experiencing Vaginal and Caesarean Births.
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