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Pelvic Floor Muscle Activity and Urinary Incontinence in Weight-Bearing Female Athletes vs. Non-Athletes
Technical Report of Specialty Practice in Women's Health Physical Therapy
Successful ASTYM® Treatment Use on Scar Tissue Following Mastectomy
Promoting Primary and Secondary Prevention of Osteoporosis in African American Women
The Use of Standardized Patient Models for Teaching the Pelvic Floor Muscle Examination
Analysis of Lower Extremity Gait Before, During, and After Pregnancy
The Effect of Yoga Postures on Balance, Flexibility and Strength in Adolescent Females
A Survey of United States Physical Therapy Faculty on Entry-Level Women's Health Currricular Content
Effect of Complete Decongestive Therapy on the Incidence of Cellulitis in Lymphedema: A Case Study
Physical Therapy Management of Primary Lymphedema in the Lower Extremities: A Case Report
An Evidence-based Appraisal of Current Literature Regarding the Effects of Exercise on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women with Low Bone Mass
Use of a Flexicurve Measurement Instrument As One Outcome Measure For A Female With Osteoporosis
Strength Training in Individuals with Fibromyalgia: A Literature Review
Quadruped as a Positioning Alternative for the High-Risk Obstetric Patient on Modified Activity or Bed-Rest
Inter-Rater Reliability and Diagnostic Accuracy of Pelvic Girdle Classification
Conservative Intervention for Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia Related Constipation
Effects of an Energy Restrictive Diet With or Without Exercise on Regional Distribution of Fat and Lean Tissue in African American and European American Women
Lumbopelvic Dysfunction and Stress Urinary Incontinence: A Case Report Applying Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging
Female Activity Patterns and Perceptions of Health and Body Image as Influenced by Weight Status
Normative Data on Knee Valgus Angle, Lower Extremity Strength, and Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women
Perception of Quality of Life During the Menopause Transition
A Multi-modality approach in the Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence
The Prevalence of Stress Urinary Incontinence in High School and College-Age Female Athletes in the Midwest: Implications for Education and Prevention.
Severe Hot Flashes Are Associated With Chronic Insomnia.
Preoperative Biofeedback Assisted Behavioral Training to Decrease Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence: A Randomized, Controlled Trial.
Regaining Bladder Control
Evidenced-Based Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor: Bridging Science and Clinical Practice
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