Determination of the distribution and reaction of polysaccharides in wood cell walls by the isotope tracer technique VII: Double radiolabeling of xylan and pectin in magnolia (Magnolia kobusDC) and comparison of their behaviors during kraft pulping by radiotracer technique

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myo-Inositol-[2-3H] and d-glucuronic acid-[6-14C] were administered simultaneously to a growing stem of magnolia (Magnolia kobus DC) to label xylan and pectin, respectively, in the cell wall. Determination of the radioactivity of nitrobenzene oxidation products and sulfuric acid hydrolysates of the newly formed xylem indicated that xylan and pectin were labeled with 3H and 14C, respectively. The doubly labeled wood tissue was treated to kraft pulping, and the radioactivity of the pulping black liquor and treated wood tissue were determined at various stages of the pulping to compare the dissolving behavior between pectin and xylan during the pulping. The results showed that pectin was not dissolved as easily as xylan and was not redeposited on pulp fiber at the late stage of the pulping.

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