Trial approach to the estimation of size distribution of free water paths in the undried heartwood of softwoods by a centrifugal method
Multiresolutional image analysis of wood and other materials
Analysis of creep of wood during water adsorption based on the excitation response theory
Applicability of the losipescu shear test on the measurement of the shear properties of wood
Real-time spectral classification of compression wood in Picea abies
Composites of wood and trans -1,4-isoprene rubber 1
Retention behavior of size and aluminum components on handsheets in rosin-ester size/alum systems
Antioxidative activity of tree phenolic constituents 1
Microscopic observation of wood-based composites exposed to fungal deterioration
Characterization of acetylated wood decayed by brown-rot and white-rot fungi
Hydrogasification of wood for high heating-value gas production X