High-temperature wear of cemented tungsten carbide tools while machining particleboard and fiberboard
Impregnation of radiata pine wood by vacuum treatment II
Corrosive-wear characteristics of diamond-coated cemented carbide tools
Vibrational property changes of spruce wood by impregnation with water-soluble extractives of pernambuco ( Guilandina echinata Spreng.)
Preparation and sizing mechanisms of neutral rosin size II
Mechanism of size retention on handsheets prepared in rosin soap size-alum systems
Structural conversion of the lignin subunit at the cinnamyl alcohol stage in Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Biodegradation of nonlignocellulosic substances II
Possibility of grouping of Cyclobalanopsis species (Fagaceae) grown in Japan based on an analysis of several regions of chloroplast DNA
Weathering durability of CCB-impregnated wood for clear varnish coatings