Fracture of multiply-bolted joints under lateral force perpendicular to wood grain
Development of LVL frame structures using glued metal plate joints II
Formation of the density profile and its effects on the properties of fiberboard
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Chemical modification of wood by anhydrides without solvents or catalysts
Industrial utilization of tobacco stalks II
Isolation of cDNA and genomic fragments encoding the major manganese peroxidase isozyme from the white rot basidiomycete Pleurotus ostreatus
Enantiomeric compositions and biosynthesis of Wikstroemia sikokiana lignans
Plate-type waveguides for detecting acoustic emissions generated by termite attacks
EXAFS study of chromated copper arsenate timber preservative in wood
Vibrational property changes of spruce wood by impregnation with watersoluble extractives of pernambuco ( Guilandina echinata Spreng.) II
Composition of acidic components in Chinese raw tall oil
Ozonation of a lignin-carbohydrate complex model compound of the benzyl ether type