Wood identification of Japanese Cyclobalanopsis species (Fagaceae) based on DNA polymorphism of the intergenic spacer between trn T and trn L 5′ exon
Two-body and three-body abrasive wear properties of katsura wood
Performance of coated carbide tools when grooving wood-based materials
Automatic detection of washboarding in bandsaws
Thermal properties of interior decorating material and the sensation of cold/warm by contact II
Design and pilot production of a “spiral-winder” for the manufacture of cylindrical laminated veneer lumber
Allomorphs of native crystalline cellulose I evaluated by two equatorial d -spacings
Reduction of aluminum toxicity to radish by alkaline oxygen treated kraft lignin
Inhibition of Trichoderma cellulase activity by a stilbene glucoside from Picea glehnii bark
Influence of carboxyl group on the acid hydrolysis of cellulose
Dihydroroseoside, a new cyclohexanone glucoside, from the leaves of shirakamba ( Betula platyphylla Sukatchev var. japonica Hara)
Preservative properties of vapor-boron-treated wood and wood-based composites
Effect of environmental temperature on a small-scale biodegradation system for organic solid waste
Adsorption of mercury by sugi wood carbonized at 1000°C