Lignification and peroxidase in tension wood of Eucalyptus viminalis seedlings
Responses of Quercus sapwood to infection with the pathogenic fungus of a new wilt disease vectored by the ambrosia beetle Platypus quercivorus
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Lignans of Chamaecyparis obtusa
Na2O-SiO2 wood-inorganic composites prepared by the sol-gel process and their fire-resistant properties
Automatic detection of a damaged cutting tool during machining II
New lignan, isoactifolin, from Chamaecyparis obtusa cv. Breviramea
Differential scanning calorimetric analysis of the lignin-carbohydrate complex degraded by wood-rotting fungi
Microwave pyrolysis of cellulosic materials for the production of anhydrosugars
Observation of microscopic swelling behavior of the cell wall