Pattern of parenchyma and canal resin composition in softwoods and hardwoods
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Effect of carbon dioxide-air concentration in the rapid curing process on the properties of cement-bonded particleboard
Effect of particle shape on linear expansion of particleboard
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Solid-state13C-NMR analysis of size components in handsheets prepared by fatty acid soap size-alum systems
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Erythro/threo ratio of β-O -4 structures as an important structural characteristic of lignin. I
Coniferyl aldehyde dimers in dehydrogenative polymerization
Comparative study of organic solvent-soluble and water-soluble lipophilic extractives from wheat straw 2
Effects of chromated-phosphate treatment process on the green color protection of ma bamboo ( Dendrocalamus latiflorus )
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Physical and chemical characteristics of the blackened portion of Japanese persimmon ( Diospyros kaki )
Close association between the enzymes involved in the lignin metabolic pathway of Sphingomonas paucimobilis SYK-6