Water removal of wet veneer by roller pressing
Comparison of moisture distribution along radial direction in a log cross section of heartwood and mixed sapwood and heartwood during radio-frequency/vacuum drying
Physiological and psychological responses to a heavy floor-impact sound generated by dropping an automobile tire in a wooden house
Physiological and psychological responses to prolonged light floor-impact sounds generated by a tapping machine in a wooden house
Buttock temperature in a sedentary posture on plywood flooring of varying thickness over the ONDOL heating system
Preparation of liquid polyesterpolyols from glucose and its methyl derivative
Preparation of polyols from methyl-α-d-glucoside and cyclic esters for design and fabrication of biodegradable polyurethane foams
Analysis of the factors influencing the acetylation rate of wood
Empirical modeling of chlorine dioxide delignification of oxygen-delignified hardwood kraft pulp
The optimum temperature-humidity combination for the feeding activities of Japanese subterranean termites
Biological performance of wood-based composites treated with a formulation of 3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate and silafluofen using supercritical carbon dioxide
Application of cationic polymer prepared from sulfuric acid lignin as a retention aid for usual rosin sizes to neutral papermaking
Free radicals produced by the oxidation of gallic acid and catechin derivatives
Constituents from the roots of Taxus cuspidata