Immunolocalization of an anionic peroxidase in differentiating poplar xylem
The effect of day length on diurnal differences in the innermost surface of the S2 layer in differentiating tracheids
Profile of bordered pit aspiration in Cryptomeria japonica using confocal laser scanning microscopy
Mechanical interaction between cellulose microfibril and matrix substance in wood cell wall determined by X-ray diffraction
Mechanical stress grading of tropical timbers without regard to species
Effect of ozone treatment of wood on its liquefaction
Characterization of lignin fragments in alkaline oxygen-stage waste liquor as soil-conditioning agent
Volatile organic compounds from wood and their influences on museum artifact materials I. Differences in wood species and analyses of causal substances of deterioration
Stereochemistry and biosynthesis of 8- O -4′ neolignans in Eucommia ulmoides
Biosynthesis of a syringyl 8- O -4′ neolignan in Eucommia ulmoides
Comparison of chitosans with different molecular weights as possible wood preservatives
Decomposition behavior of woody biomass in water-added supercritical methanol
Elastic strain at semi-isostatic compression of Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris )
Variations in compression strength and surface roughness of heat-treated Turkish river red gum ( Eucalyptus camaldulensis ) wood
Some of the properties of particleboard made from paulownia
Properties of kenaf core binderless particleboard reinforced with kenaf bast fiber-woven sheets
Acetaldehyde emission from glued-laminated timber using phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde resin adhesives with addition of ethanol
Proof of the presence of guaiacyl-syringyl lignin in Selaginella tamariscina