Biosynthesis of lignans and norlignans
Quantitative comparisons of antitermite extractives in heartwood from the same clones of Cryptomeria japonica planted at two different sites
Effect of external compressive load on tangential strain behavior in Japanese larch log cross sections during radio-frequency/vacuum drying
Fatigue of structural plywood under cyclic shear through thickness I
Fatigue of structural plywood under cyclic shear through thickness II
Characterization of lignin-carbohydrate linkages in the residual lignins isolated from chemical pulps of spruce ( Picea abies ) and beech wood ( Fagus sylvatica )
The monomer composition controls the Σ β-O -4/Σ O -4 end monomer ratio of the linear lignin fraction
Resistance of gamma-irradiated sapwood of Cryptomeria japonica to biological attacks
Distribution of boron in wood treated with aqueous and methanolic boric acid solutions
Comparative effectiveness of two alkylammonium compounds as wood preservatives
Introduction of mitochondrial DNA from Pleurotus ostreatus into Pleurotus pulmonarius by interspecific protoplast fusion
Analyses of the genetic diversity of matsutake isolates collected from different ecological environments in Asia
Influence of inorganic matter on wood pyrolysis at gasification temperature
Excitation wavelength-specific changes in lignocellulosic autofluorescence
Termite feeding preference to four wood species after gamma irradiation