House dust mites and their sensitivity to wood oils and volatiles
Windthrow resistance of apple trees grafted in an orchard
Mechanical properties of wood in an unstable state due to temperature changes, and analysis of the relevant mechanism VI
Quantification of visual inducement of knots by eye-tracking
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Cellulose esters as compatibilizers in wood/poly(lactic acid) composite
Application of the amount of oxygen consumption to the investigation of the oxidation mechanism of lignin during oxygen-alkali treatment
Steroid 5α-reductase inhibitory activity of condensed tannins from woody plants
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Lignin characteristics of Abies beshanzuensis , a critically endangered tree species
Azide ion as a quinone methide scavenger in the horseradish peroxidasecatalyzed polymerization of sinapyl alcohol
Cross-linking of plant cell walls with dehydrated fructose by smoke-heat treatment