Color variation and correlations in Eucalyptus dunnii sawnwood
Variation in wood properties of six natural acacia hybrid clones in northern Vietnam
Radial variations of wood properties of an endangered species, Pinus armandii var. amamiana
Effect of compressive load on the dimensional changes of the Japanese larch dried in a radio-frequency/vacuum drier
One-year stress relaxation of timber joints assembled with pretensioned bolts
The influence of heartwood on the pulping properties of Acacia melanoxylon wood
Heartwood extractives from the Amazonian trees Dipteryx odorata, Hymenaea courbaril , and Astronium lecointei and their antioxidant activities
Chemical changes in terpenes of sugi ( Cryptomeria japonica ) wood during steam drying in kiln at high temperature
Chemical constituents from Gmelina arborea bark and their antioxidant activity
Effect of components of leaching medium on the leaching of benzalkonium chloride from treated wood
Efficacy of wood preservatives formulated from okara with copper and/or boron salts
Pharmacological effects of Ganoderma lucidum collected from ume (Japanese apricot) trees
Morphological changes in the cytoskeleton, nuclei, and vacuoles during cell death of short-lived ray tracheids in the conifer Pinus densiflora
Changes in micropores in dry wood with elapsed time in the environment
Horizontal resin canals of Shorea spp.
Response to the letter to the editor “horizontal resin canals of Shorea spp.”