Longitudinal shrinkage variations within trees of sugi ( Cryptomeria japonica ) cultivars
Possibility of improvement in fundamental properties of wood of acacia hybrids by artificial hybridization
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Potassium acetate-catalyzed acetylation of wood at low temperatures II
Neuropharmacological activities of phytoncide released from Cryptomeria japonica
Comparative analysis of diterpene composition in the bark of the hybrid larch F1, Larix gmelinii var. japonica × L. kaempferi and their parent trees
Biological performance of Eucalyptus camaldulensis leaf oils from Thailand against the subterranean termite Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki
Surface deterioration of moso bamboo ( Phyllostachys pubescens ) induced by exposure to artificial sunlight
Estrogen-like activity of ethanol extract of Ganoderma lucidum
Nickel-catalyzed carbonization of wood for coproduction of functional carbon and fluid fuels II
Evaluation of moisture content distribution in wood by soft X-ray imaging
Manufacture of composite board using wood prunings and waste porcelain stone