Three mechanisms affecting the mechanical properties of spruce wood dried at high temperatures
Effect of EMC and air in wood on the new in-process moisture content monitoring concept under radiofrequency/vacuum (RF/V) drying
Time dependence of Poisson's effect in wood I: the lateral strain behavior
Micropores and mesopores in the cell wall of dry wood
Identification of defect position in a wooden beam from the power spectrum of longitudinal vibration
Development of a joint system using a compressed wooden fastener II: evaluation of rotation performance for a column-beam joint
Influence of addition of bulking promoter on AKD-sizing performance
Formation of a complex with aluminum by ozone-treated kraft lignins and their low molecular weight fragments
Monitoring the emission of volatile organic compounds from the leaves of Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana using solid-phase micro-extraction
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid is involved in the biosynthesis of myricanol in Myrica rubra
Seawater exposure effect on the fracture toughness of low-density woods/GRP sandwich systems
Methane production from organic acids obtained by supercritical water treatment of Japanese beech
Laboratory evaluation of the termiticidal efficacy of copper HDO
Dissolution of polystyrene into p -cymene and related substances in tree leaf oils