What is in this issue?
Comrades in adversity
Practice managers dominate our peer-reviewed section
E-learning for general practitioners: lessons from the recent literature
The influence of the new contract on practices as learning organisations
Practitioner action research
Practitioner action research: action research to improve practice
Mutual learning between general practitioners with community hospital beds and consultants in Scotland
Working your way out of a muddle: organisational implications for a GP practice
Doctors.net.uk education: GP usage of e-learning modules
Training GP educators in clinical supervision
Learning from patients
The reflective practitioner: the essence of work based learning?
Team learning: the issue of patient confidentiality
The non-breathing child. Cue panic!
What do appraisers think about during appraisals?
The several careers of Anne Mitchell: from physiotherapy student to working with drug users – a personal account
The problems of our civilised and prosperous society
Care of Drug Users in General Practice: a harm reduction approach (2e)
Matters of Substance: drugs – and why everyone’s a user
The Opium Wars: the addiction of one empire and the corruption of another
Child Protection in Primary Care
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