What is in this issue?
Self-assessment, peer assessment and third party assessment: significance for work based learning
Work based learning: a social network perspective
Reflection in healthcare practice: why is it useful and how might it be done?
The GP Returner Scheme: the London Deanery experience of the first 50 applicants
Reception staff and health advice
Complementary health: action research in the Bristol CHIPS project
Ubiquitous computing, the semantic web and the future of e-learning
Reflective practice and clinical supervision: short workshops for GP educators
The role of the appraiser in personal development planning
Mission statements: a reflection on their validity
A personal reflection on practice nursing
Reading at work, reading about work, reading after work
Team learning: patient participation
Cut, cut, cut: communication skills, learning and feedback
Mary Smith’s story
On complementary therapies
Integrating complementary therapies in primary care: a practical guide for health professionals