What is in this issue?
Mainly casual or reactive, sometimes planned: the importance of informal learning
Developing practice managers
Using action research to improve and understand professional practice
The development of evidence based medicine in Uzbekistan: an opportunity to enhance work based learning in the Uzbek healthcare system
A review of the reading preferences of primary care professionals
The exam first, the lesson afterwards: an exploration and celebration of the nature of informal learning
The art of conversation in general practice: an interview with Dr Nav Chana
Work based learning in the primary care sector: a computer based knowledge-sharing resource
Communities of practice in health care: a personal reflection
E-learning: hooray for Google
Reflective practice and clinical supervision: supervision, knowledge and performance
Access to primary care: the most misunderstood improvement initiative in the NHS Modernisation Programme?
Stresses on appraisers: Part 2 – content issues and appraisee factors
Team learning: child protection and the primary healthcare team
Demonstrating Your Clinical Competence in Respiratory Disease, Diabetes and Dermatology
Managing COPD
Doctor and GP magazines
Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists (AMSPAR)
The Open University: supporting practitioner inquiry in primary care nationally
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