What is in this issue?
Transformative learning: the hidden curriculum of adult life
Transformative learning: the challenge for reflective practice
Commentary on ‘Transformative learning: the challenge for reflective practice’
Talking across purposes: the benefits of an interagency mentoring scheme for managers working in health and social care settings in the UK
Professional portfolios: a powerful vehicle for reflective exercises and recording work based learning
Revisiting clinical supervision in primary care: review of a recent workshop
The changing face of community pharmacy
Commentary on ‘The changing face of community pharmacy’
Healthcare ethics: learning in the workplace
E-learning: hooray for NLH
Reflective practice and clinical supervision: an approach to promoting clinical supervision among general practitioners
Making primary care a safer workplace
CHAIN: nurturing relationships to encourage the sharing of experience, knowledge and aspiration in research, evidence-based practice and workplace-based learning
Team learning: the appointments system
Report of the Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2005, held in Kyoto, Japan: 27–31 May 2005
Global Challenge: leadership lessons from ‘the world’s toughest yacht race’
Mentoring in Practice – a reader
Mentoring in Practice CD ROM
Coaching and Mentoring in Health and Social Care
Primary Healthcare and South Asian Populations: meeting the challenges
The Open University Practitioner Research A writing prize for those working in primary care ‘An investigation of and reflection on practice’