Immediate-Type Respiratory Allergy to Millet-Containing Seed Mixture of Bird Food

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A 21-year-old patient experienced asthmatic attacks when cleaning the cage of his budgerigar. Skin tests and radioallergosorbent test were positive to grass pollen and negative for budgerigar feathers and feces. When the food of the bird, a mixture of grain, was tested, a positive reaction to millet was found. Nasal provocation test with millet was positive. Specific immunoglobulin E antibodies against millet were detected in the radioallergosorbent test and in immunoblot analysis. The immunoblot showed specific immunoglobulin E antibodies against a 60-kd protein in millet of birdseed and against a 60- and 36-kd protein in common millet. Immediate-type allergy to millet is rare and occurs mostly as anaphylactic reaction after ingestion of millet but may also occur as asthmatic attack after inhalation of millet.

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