A simple and rapid test for differentiation of aerobic from anaerobic bacteria
Isolation of plasmids present in thermophilic strains from hot springs in Jordan
Activated charcoal
Improvement of acid phosphatase production by immobilization of Humicola lutea mycelium in polyurethane sponge
Keratinolytic activity of Kocuria rosea
Production and characterization of thermostable cellulases from Streptomyces transformant T3-1
Bifunctional pectinolytic enzyme with separate pectate lyase and pectin methylesterase domains from an alkaliphilic Bacillus
Characteristics of alkaline phosphatase in cyanobacterial strains and in an APasedef mutant of Nostoc muscorum
Extracellular polymer production and potential for aggregate formation by classical propionibacteria
Biosorption of inorganic and methyl mercury by a biosorbent from Aspergillus niger
Contribution of different natural yeasts to the aroma of two alcoholic beverages
Production of improved infant porridges from pearl millet using a lactic acid fermentation step and addition of sorghum malt to reduce viscosity of porridges with high protein, energy and solids (30%) content
Metabolic diversity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains from spontaneously fermented grape musts
Optimization of glucose oxidase production by Aspergillus niger in a benchtop bioreactor using response surface methodology
Removal of inorganic nitrogen sources from water by the algal biofilm of the aerial microalga Trentepohlia aurea
Submerged fermentation in wheat substrates for production of Monascus pigments