Endophytic fungi from Melia azedarach
Molecular characterization of Vibrio parahaemolyticus of similar serovars isolated from sewage and clinical cases of diarrhoea in Calcutta, India
The antibacterial effect of a polyhydroxylated fucophlorethol from the marine brown alga, Fucus vesiculosus
Influence of nonionic surfactants and hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin on the biodegradation of nitrobenzene
Biofiltration of toluene and acetone mixtures by a trickle-bed air biofilter
Biodegradation of wood in crude oil-polluted soil
Microstructural characteristics of thin biofilms through optical and scanning electron microscopy
Aerobic degradation of phthalic acid by Comamonas acidovoran Fy-1 and dimethyl phthalate ester by two reconstituted consortia from sewage sludge at high concentrations
The kinetic basis of the role of Ca++ ions for higher yield of citric acid in a repeated-batch cultivation system
Use of Trichoderma harzianum cultured on ground mesocarp fibre of oil-palm as seed treatment to control Pythium aphanidermatum, a causal agent of damping-off of Chinese kale seedling
A decrease in cytotoxic and haemolytic activities by inactivation of a single enterotoxin gene in Bacillus cereus Cx5
The relationship between fungal preservation method and secondary metabolite production in Metarhizium anisopliae and Fusarium oxysporum
Microbiological quality of walnut kernels and apple juice concentrate
Characterization of an exopolysaccharide mutant of Nostoc spongiaeforme
Lipase-catalysed polymerization of lactic acid and its film forming properties
Survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 applied to cantaloupes and the effectiveness of chlorinated water and lactic acid as disinfectants
Inhibition of Listeria ivanovii by Paenibacillus lentimorbus isolated from phase II mushroom compost