RFLP of 16S-ITSrDNA Region to Differentiate Lactobacilli at Species Level
Microbial Metabolism of Quinoline by Comamonas sp.
Decolourization and Detoxification of Methyl Red by Aerobic Bacteria from A Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bioremediation of Vegetable Oil and Grease from Polluted Wastewater Using a Sand Biofilm System
The Effect of the Petroleum Drilling Mud Additive (Chromelignosulphonate) on the Microbiology and Survival of Periwinkle (Pachymelania spp. and Tympanotonus sp.)
Protoplast Fusion in Streptomyces sp. for Increased Production of Laccase and Associated Ligninolytic Enzymes
Preliminary Study of Fat Oxidation in Sorghum and Maize Brewing
Preliminary Study of the Enzymolysis of Sorghum and Barley Pentosans and their Levels in Worts
Purification and Properties of a Protease Produced by Bacillus Subtilis CN2 Isolated from a Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Optimizing Production of Extracellular Laccase from Grammothele Subargentea CLPS No. 436 Strain
Isolation and Culture Characterization of a New Polyvinyl Alcohol-Degrading Strain
Characterization of BflI – A Thermostable, Co++-Requiring Isoschizomer of BsiYI from Anoxybacillus Flavithermus
Microbial Diversity in Ngari, Hentak and Tungtap, Fermented Fish Products of North-East India
L-Tenuazonic Acid, a New Inhibitor of Paenibacillus Larvae
Enzyme Characteristics of Extremely Halophilic Archaeal Community in Tuzkoy Salt Mine, Turkey
Diversity of Degradation Pathways of Some Aromatic Compounds by Phenotype and Genotype Testing in Acinetobacter Strains
Production of Cellulase by Clostridium Papyrosolvens CFR-703
β-Glucosidase Activity in a Lactobacillus Plantarum Wine Strain
Production of Extracellular Acid Proteases by Aspergillus Clavatus
Effect of Medium Components on Bacteriocin Production by Lactobacillus Pentosus ST151BR, a Strain Isolated from Beer Produced by the Fermentation of Maize, Barley and Soy Flour
Interaction of Fusarium Oxysporum f.sp. Cubense with Pseudomonas Fluorescens Precolonized to Banana Roots