Effects of Virtual Reality Simulator Training Method and Observational Learning on Surgical Performance
A Quantitative Assessment of Changing Trends in Internet Usage for Cancer Information
Challenges of Meeting Surgical Needs in the Developing World
State of Surgery in Tropical Africa: A Review
Quantifying Surgical and Anesthetic Availability at Primary Health Facilities in Mongolia
Measures to Prevent Surgical Site Infections: What Surgeons (Should) Do
A Case-control Study of Single-Incision Versus Standard Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
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Routine Ultrasound and Limited Computed Tomography for the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis: A Surgeon's Perspective
Long-term Follow-up of Open and Laparoscopic Repair of Large Incisional Hernias
Chronic Pain after Laparoscopic Transabdominal Preperitoneal Hernia Repair: A Randomized Comparison of Light and Extralight Titanized Polypropylene Mesh
Henna as a Durable Preoperative Skin Marker
Henna as a Durable Preoperative Skin Marker
Analysis of the Clinicopathologic Features of Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma Based on 7-mm Tumor Size
Preoperative Vitamin D Deficiency Predicts Postoperative Hypocalcemia After Total Thyroidectomy
Clinical and Histopathological Characteristics of Hyperparathyroidism-induced Hypercalcemic Crisis
Intraoperative Parathyroid Hormone Monitoring in Patients with Recognized Multiglandular Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Laparoscopic Antireflux Surgery in Patients with Throat Symptoms: A Word of Caution
Correlation Between Tumor Budding and Post-Resection Prognosis in Patients with Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Thoracic Esophagus
Assessment of Quality of Life After Gastrectomy Using EORTC QLQ-C30 and STO22
Preoperative Toll-like Receptor Expression in Monocytes is Associated with Host Immunological Responses Following Gastrointestinal Surgery
Preliminary Report: Search for a Transgastric Approach for Managing Gastrogastric Fistulas
Clinical Outcome of Hepatectomy for Hepatocellular Carcinomas ≤2 cm
Prospective Volumetric Assessment of the Liver on a Personal Computer by Nonradiologists Prior to Partial Hepatectomy
Living-donor Liver Transplantation for Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis
Living Donor Right Liver Lobe Transplantation With or Without Inclusion of the Middle Hepatic Vein: Analysis of Complications
Modular Training in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Maximizes Training Opportunities without Clinical Compromise
Computed Tomography Volumetric Fat Parameters versus Body Mass Index for Predicting Short-term Outcomes of Colon Surgery
Risk Factors for the Development of Metachronous Liver Metastasis in Colorectal Cancer Patients After Curative Resection
Impact of Low-dose Vasopressin on Trauma Outcome: Prospective Randomized Study
Donor Conversion and Procurement Failure: The Fate of Our Potential Organ Donors
Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial to Analyze the Effects of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression on Edema Following Autologous Femoropopliteal Bypass Surgery
Effect of Surgery on Quality of Life with Operable Breast Cancer in Limited Resource Environment
Effect of Surgery on Quality of Life with Operable Breast Cancer in Limited Resource Environments: Reply
Managing BRCA Mutation Carriers in China
Managing BRCA Mutation Carriers in China: Reply
Remnant Gastric Cancer: Can the Risk Be Predicted When Planning Initial Surgery?
Is there a Robust Predictor for the Remnant Gastric Cancer After Gastrectomy for Synchronous Multiple Gastric Cancer? Reply
Metachronous Cancer in the Stomach Remnant
Endoscopic Follow-up for the Remnant Stomach After Early Cancer Surgery: Reply
Adjuvant S-1 Chemotherapy for Gastric Cancer and Peritoneal Wash
Adjuvant S-1 Chemotherapy for Gastric Cancer and Peritoneal Wash
Erratum to: Establishment of an Intraoperative Staging System (iStage) by Improving UICC TNM Classification System for Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma